The Oscars

This year has been a crazy, wild ride so far....definitely one that I'm in no hurry to jump off!

Everyone is loving the new logo, which is a huge relief! When your business goes through such a dramatic change, it's always a bit nerve-wracking to know what people think of it. I guess it's a bit like having a new style of haircut, you worry a little bit about what everyone's going to think. Thankfully you have all loved the new look.

The end of February was when Hollywood hosted the Oscars! This year we were extremely blessed to have our candles in the Celebrity Gift Bags. We sent over 5 of our favourite fragrances to be added to the bags which were gifted to the nominees & presenters. It was a HUGE buzz to know the likes of Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep and Oprah all have their very own Mooch to burn.

We are also taking a new direction and offering another "arm" to our business. We have started to party plan Mooch and our beautiful reps are loving the response they've had from their customers. If you'd like to earn some extra cash with a product that sells itself, contact me for more details. We are looking for new reps in all states & territories of Australia.

Don't forget Moochers, Mother's Day is only a matter of 8 weeks away. Get your orders in quick and choose some Mooch for your mum x

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